Feb 18, 2007

Difference between properties and method [Microsoft Design]

In most cases, properties represent data, and methods perform actions. Properties are accessed like fields, which makes them easier to use. If a method takes no arguments and returns an object's state information, or accepts a single argument to set some part of an object's state, it is a good candidate for becoming a property.

Properties should behave as if they are fields; if the method cannot, it should not be changed to a property. Methods are preferable to properties in the following situations:
· The method performs a time-consuming operation. The method is perceivably slower than the time it takes to set or get a field's value.
· The method performs a conversion. Accessing a field does not return a converted version of the data it stores.
· The "Get" method has an observable side effect. Retrieving a field's value does not produce any side effects.
· The order of execution is important. Setting the value of a field does not rely on other operations having occurred.
· Calling the method twice in succession creates different results.
· The method is static but returns an object that can be changed by the caller. Retrieving a field's value does not allow the caller to change the data stored by the field.
· The method returns an array.

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