May 15, 2008

How one can generate objects scripts with DROP and Create in same file in SQl Server 2005 Like in SQl Server 2000

I often generate scripts of stored procedures and save that code in a txt file,in development env its very crucial because to overwrite stored procedures any other development db.

For my this task sql server 2000 was very good it generated drop and create statemntments implicitly. But now in sql server its very difficult and in our development environment there are more than 3000 procs so when i try to generate script in sql server 2005 ,first i need to generate "drop to" and then "create to" and it also take a very long time and often goes to stuck...

I found solution from Microsoft site, we just need to install SQL Server 2005 SP2.

If you interested to see whats new in SQL Server 2005 SP2 then check it out here.

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