Dec 2, 2008

RadGridNamespace is undefined

I got error RadGridNamespace is undefined while working with RadGrid and Themes all to gather.

Problem was, It was not able to find the scripts and related files form Themes folder. The default path for Script and Theme for Rad controls are fixed and which is under /RadControls. It goes to that directory but its obvious and convention says that if we are using Themes and Skins we put all the scripts, images and skins in App_Themes folder.

So we need to override the default Rad control default path property RadControlsDir in OnInit method

protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e)
rgTest.RadControlsDir = string.Format("~/App_Themes/{0}/RadControls/", this.Page.Theme);

Note: If you are having multiple RadGrid on same page, then you have to set property RadControlsDir for all the grids in OnInit method.

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