Jun 22, 2009

Register for PHP Developers Day

Microsoft invites you to this exclusive session on Microsoft InterOp initiatives tailored for open source developers to create cutting-edge business applications.







Build Mission Critical Applications on the Microsoft Platform using Eclipse


Nahas Mohammed, Technology Advisor, Microsoft

Microsoft has delivered multiple technologies that focus on interoperability with non-Microsoft and Open Source technologies. Learn how to use Eclipse tools today to build Silverlight applications that run on PCs and Macs, how to work in a cross-platform environment and yet integrate your solution with your designer team. Also get to know about Microsoft's commitment to openness with the Azure Services Platform.


jQuery - the write less do more javascript library


Deepak Gulati, Lead Architect,

jQuery has gained tremendous popularity in little over two years. It aims to allow web developers to write clear, concise code that cleanly separates the behavior of a page from its design without having them fret over details of cross-browser Javascript development. With its formal inclusion into Microsoft's Ajax stack, it is bound to become an important tool in an ASP.NET Web
Developer's toolbox.
We'll begin with a whirlwind tour of some advanced features of Javascript and then move on to using jQuery for:


Efficient DOM traversal and manipulation


Using a unified event handling mechanism
across browsers


Increasing visual and functional appeal of your web-pages with special effects and plugins


MS SQL Business Intelligence with mySQL


Praveen Srivatsa, Director, Asthrasoft

Have your data residing on mySQL but want to leverage MS SQL server capabilities to build Business Intelligence solutions? Then this is the right session for you. This session looks at leveraging your existing investments in mySQL and leveraging the Reporting and Analysis Services from MS SQL server to extract data out from your mySQL data store to build meaningful dashboards. It looks at how we can integrate SQL Reporting Services and use SSIS to harvest the data from mySQL. It also looks at how we can replicate or sync data between MS SQL Server and mySQL to be able to share the relevant data across these databases.


Trouble Ahead? Know Your Project Warning Signs! How Successful Leaders Recognize and Deal with Project Warning Signs


Sanjay Dugar, instructor, ESI International

This session is run by ESI and provides detailed guidance on conducting project health checks, what warning signs to look for, how to find them and finally, when to pull the plug on a project. For more than 25 years, ESI International has helped many of the world's most successful organizations-including Fortune 1000 companies and nearly every major agency of the United States federal government-align strategies, build talent and achieve organizational goals. To date, ESI has helped more than 850,000 technical and specialized professionals around the world improve the way they manage their projects, contracts, requirements and vendor relationships.


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