Nov 21, 2009

Baroda Developers Conference

Hello All,

Event  Baroda Developer Conference was held on Saturday, November 21, 2009 at Dr. I.G. Patel Seminar Hall Vadodara.

Links: Baroda Mega Developers Conference; Baroda Developers Conference [Dev-Con]

I recently gave presentation at a session titled as "Features of C# 3.0" followed by Probjots session "Introducing LINQ" & "VS 2010 & .Net 4.0" and "MOSS 2007" by Bhavin Gajjar.

It was my first experience to give a presentation. There were students who were part of Microsoft Student Partner program with sound knowledge in Microsoft .Net Technology.

Here are few snaps from conference. 


[Attending one students' question on Partial Methods]

[Me with Probjot and students]


I want to congratulate all the attendees for being part of such a knowledge sharing conference and taking active part in it.They came from different territories of all over India. I really appreciate their interest. Also I have demo project which I have used during my presentation to get this send me an email.

I am very much thankful of Jacob Sebastian who promoted me for this event and Prakher Mehta who was the organizer and inviter of BUG [Baroda User Group]


Maulik Dhorajia said...

Great, I was am a big fan. Specially when you explained the .Net portion with new features.

Anonymous said...

Great Job . . .

Jacob Sebastian said...

well done, Imran!

Imran said...

@Jacob Sebastian: Thank you, Thanks for giving me this .opportunity and your encouragement

Jacob Sebastian said...

my pleasure!!!!

Pragnesh Patel said...

Hey Imran, I really missed you.

I am sure it was a great presentation and I surely missed the one. Hope next time i can occupy a chair :)

Great Job... Cheers

Kaushik Chauhan said...

The world out there waiting to take benefit of your knowledge! Great job done...and keep the journey continue...hope to see you at MDC soon.. :)