Apr 17, 2009

User Group Meeting [18-Apr-09]

Its time to announce the user group meeting for Ahmedabad SQLServer UserGroup for the month of April.

The main focus of the meeting will be XML features of SQL Server 2008. You can read more on

I would like you to join and gain lots of knowledge and also there will be QA session where you can ask any question related to topic or SQL Server

Hope to see many of you tomorrow!!!

Apr 2, 2009

Enum in JavaScript

We are using enum in server side scripting language, recently I come across requirement where I have to write lots of if-else if clause, then I found the interesting thing which is enum.

Lets see how we can declare enum.

var Technology = 
Microsoft: 0,
PHP: 1,
ROR: 2,
Java: 3

Minor change in declaration, now lets see how we can use enum.

function Show(tech) {

var msg = 'Welcome to the world of {0}';
switch (Number(tech)) {
case Technology.Microsoft:
alert(String.format(msg, 'Microsoft'));
case Technology.PHP:
alert( String.format(msg, 'PHP') );
case Technology.ROR:
alert(String.format(msg, 'ROR') );


//And here is the function call