Jun 9, 2007

Components of the WSDL File

definitions: The root element of the WSDL file. This area contains namespace definitions that you use to avoid naming conflicts between multiple web services.

types: (not shown) Defines data types used by the service's messages.

message: Defines the data transferred by a web service operation, typically the name and data type of input parameters and return values.

port type: Defines one or more operations provided by the web service.

operation: Defines an operation that can be remotely invoked.

input: Specifies an input parameter to the operation using a previously defined message.

output: Specifies the return values from the operation using a previously defined message.

fault: (not shown) Optionally specifies an error message returned from the operation.

binding: Specifies the protocol used to access a web service including SOAP, HTTP GET and POST, and MIME.

service: Defines a group of related operations.

port: Defines an operation and its associated inputs and outputs.

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