Jun 14, 2007

Create .NET documentation with Microsoft's Sandcastle

Hello all,

This is post for developers who are using xml comments.

The .NET Framework allowed C# developers to use XML-style comments in their code. This feature was added to VB.NET with version 2.0. The compiler can use these comments to generate basic technical documentation. The end result of using the XML commenting feature is a large XML file that is less than user friendly

How to get Sandcastle

The latest version of Sandcastle is available via href="">Microsoft's
March 2007 Community Technology Preview
. You may install and run it on
Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP Service Pack 2. It requires the href="
Framework 2.0
, as well as the href="">HTML
Help Workshop
. Once the prerequisite software is installed, you can install
the Sandcastle tool.

I also have delicious Create .NET documentation with Microsoft's Sandcastle .

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