Sep 3, 2008

Make temporary redirection to another page

Hello All,

I got one question is forums, some time people require to change the location automatically or the best example is like, when you shifted your site to new location and you dont want people [who bookmarked your site] request to old site locaiton and get page not found error!

This case what you can do is, you can add automatic redirection to the new site, just adding the meta tag.

You can create one html file or you can write meta tag in older site's default page, here is the meta tag, you just have to place in head tag

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5;url=''" />

http-equiv is the command, which says refresh, so it have to do refresh, and in the content we have to set new locatoin and the time in second. Here its 5 so after 5 second it will automatically redirected to

We can put some thing like, the page you are looking for its moved, please wait, we are redirecting to new page, book mark this page bla bla bla.....

This way we stop loosing our valuable users of site.

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