Sep 16, 2008

Reducing page load times with UpdatePanels and timers

Hi all,

Some time we have requirement like, on single page we are having 5-6 controls, which at the same tiem only single is visible and by navigation we can view all other controls.

This is very specific to Ajax Tab Implementation. Where we are having 4-5 tabs, in which we are having server controls, so on Page load all the controls get loaded and page become heavy also slow.

There is one technique to optimize this. As we all know we have to show single tab once page is get loaded, put all the controls into Asp:Panel and except one which we have to show on default; make other to visible false. The enable of all visible panel will be done using timer control. Time control will make enable the Asp:Panel one by one. As all the Asp:Panel will be in UpdatePanel will page will not get refreshed.

I found the same code in one of the post of Glavs Blog.

He provides the code along with video. Have a look at them and make optimize your page. I used this and found very good, even we can now use this on same page.

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