Jun 14, 2010

RadComboBox dropdown issue in IE

Hello All, I was facing issue with RadComboBox dropdown, its adding scrollbar in IE if an item is longer then default size.


This is normal behavior, as we have item which get fits into dropdown, now consider following case where we items which are little longer then before.


Here you can see horizontal scrollbar is appear as our text is little bit longer then min-width property. Min-width property allow you to set minimum width of dropdown. But this looks weird.

Solution: You need to override following default style of RadComboBox.

.rcbSlide div
width: auto !important;
min-width: 150px !important;
max-width: 400px !important;
position: relative !important;

We can see after applying this style into page, RadComboBox will look like following.


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Anonymous said...

You sir, saved the day! Thank you very much! It works like a charm! :)